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Section 58-36-120 (Penalties)

Any person who violates any provision of this chapter shall be subject to a civil penalty not to exceed one thousand dollars for each violation. Actions to recover the penalty provided for in this section shall be brought by the Attorney General at the request of the injured party in the proper forum in and for the county in which the cause, or some part thereof, arose or in which the defendant has its principal place of business or resides. All penalties recovered in any such actions shall be equally divided between the state’s general fund and the Office of the Attorney General.

Submitting a Complaint to the Attorney General

Please ensure all claim information provided on this form is accurate prior to sending. The Attorney General will review and respond to all enforcement actions under the Underground Damage Prevention Act § 58-36-120 taken in South Carolina. If you want to submit a complaint to the Attorney General for review and a decision with regard to enforcement by the Attorney General, please fill out the form below.

South Carolina 811 facilitates the submission of complaint forms, conducts research, and monitors tracking of where claims are in process. Please do not contact South Carolina 811 if you have any questions about the status of any potential action by the Attorney General. If you have any questions, please contact the Attorney General's office directly at Claims are not confidential and may be disclosed to the reported party or entity. Additionally, all submissions are subject to disclosure pursuant to the South Carolina Freedom of Information Act Ā 30-4-10 et seq.

Complaint Form for Submission to the Attorney General

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